Like the majority of people, music is a massive part of my daily life. I have such a wide variety of different genres that I listen to, check out any of the artists I suggest even if it may not be your type of music. Be open minded, sit back and tell me what you think.


Mabel is a british singer and songwriter, her songs consist of R&B and pop. She has brought out three EPs’ and one album that came out in January this year, the album is called Ivy to Roses and has collaborations with Not3s and Kojo Funds. Her voice is very soothing but when put with a naughty R&B beat she makes the song her own, she is one of the very few artists nowadays that writes her own music and does it with absolute passion. Even when Mabel is live her talent never stops shining through, with music being in her family background you can’t help but think thats where she gets her love of music from. Both of her parents are within the music industry, her father is Cameron Mcvey who is father first and well known music producer and songwriter second whilst her mother Neneh Cherry is a swedish singer-songwriter. Whilst growing up with a musical background, it took Mabel two years to produce a breakthrough song which has helped her get her works of art out there. She is now selling out gigs all over the UK and in the lineup for Wireless festival for the second year in a row. Highly recommend listening to this down to earth artist.


After finding fame on a late app called Vine, Andrew Bazzi became more famously known in 2017 for being the American singer-songwriter and music producer that got introduced to. He produces an eighties-inspired version of R&B and pop, mainly singing about his admiration of the female body. His music is a unique kind, we are able to hear the instruments behind his mellow voice which is a nice change from the artists that give us auto tune after auto tune. Bazzi became worldwide known when he released his most popular song “Mine”, it became a hit sensation in which he was able to portray his image and talent within. Whilst growing he has joined ex Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello on her most recent tour, and also had the pleasure of joining musical heart throb Justin Timberlake on his European leg tour. Bazzi being the naturally talented artist he is got his album Gold certified in both America and Canada, although having a breakthrough hit he is still struggling to become known elsewhere in the world with his recent album not even making it into the top 50s in the UK, unfortunately even worse he only just got into the top 100 albums in Belgium. This growing artist is continuing to reach out to different parts of the world but for now is only touring around the US, the day will come when he is top of the charts everywhere.


American singer-songwriter and rapper 6lack “pronounced as black” isn’t your everyday artist that is able to rise to fame within a few years, the eager and driven rapper has been making music publicly since 2011 and it was only three years ago that he became well known when releasing his album ‘Free 6lack’. His music consists of a mixture of contemporary R&B and hip hop soul, he is well worth a listen if you’re looking for real music and someone who puts their heart and soul into the lyrics they are producing. Even when reaching fame he has stayed the same down to earth and compassionate person as before, you can hear the passion in his music which isn’t any surprise when he used to sleep in the studio and on the street with his previous record label. With starting out on the popular music app Soundcloud to now having two studio albums with his second album ‘East Atlanta Love Letter’ being made up of collabs with well known artists like Offset and Khalid. 6lack has a completely different sound than most rappers, he doesn’t sexualise women and call them demeaning names. He mostly raps/sings about heartbreak and relatable problems which is refreshing to hear. 6lack deserves an audience that craves and loves the music he is producing because the rapper has worked extremely hard to get to where he is.


American indie band composed of the friendly trio; Paul Klein, Charles Priest and Jake Goss. The three friends started off uploading their eccentric music to Soundcloud to see if they could make it as a band, after Paul Klein was previously a solo artist and the other two band members making a name for themselves as a two man band. Little did they know, becoming a trio would lead them to a fame where they are now selling out gigs all over the world. LANYs music is classic indie, it’s the mixture of instruments that go so well with the random but meaningful lyrics and even when there is no lyrics it still makes a song worth listening to. Their stripped versions of songs really portray what they can produce when given only a guitar and drums, the talent they have in their fingers and voice are out of this world. Like most bands they sing a lot about love and heartbreak, but not in the soppy and cringe way that broken up One Direction band members produced together. One of their most popular songs ‘ILYSB’ even got gold certified, but like Bazzi although they are selling out gigs in different parts of the world they are still slacking with streams and CDs being bought. If you are looking for indie music that will calm you and make you feel all the emotions possible then LANY are definitely for you, live your best life and give them a listen.

Lauren Goodrick-Meech x

CONTENT DISCLAIMER: The images that have been used was not mine, they belong to their authorised owners


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