With sex education being compulsory in all schools in England since 2017, does it not make you wonder whats taken them so long to put this in place?

I left school in 2016, a year after it was made compulsory. So children all around England who were my age or older went through 4 years of secondary school with no education to do with sex, sexual relationships, menstrual health etc. Our education came from boys acting like they know what they are talking about because they watched a 5 minute video of unrealistic pornography, or we just dived deep into it because we didn’t know what to expect.

Secondary school teachers should’ve been taught this ages ago, it should’ve been compulsory when teen pregnancies started rising. I’m delighted that the government are finally putting sex education as a must have in schools, but it’s taken them so many years to put kids first that a lot of us had to go through finding out for ourselves for them to eventually do it. One of the biggest things that needed to be taught and still does is CONSENT, I could shock you at the age I first got sent a indecent image that wasn’t consensual and because consent wasn’t talked about in school, I just thought that was normal. It isn’t and it should’ve been broadcasted to us because I certainly know I’m not the only one who would get harassed for nude pictures or get called “frigid” when you wouldn’t want to do anything. You can’t be frigid when you are underage. But they wouldn’t know that because boys especially weren’t to know any different to what they’ve seen on pornographic websites, they weren’t taught the differences between what is real and what is fake. They thought what they were seeing on a screen, that was right.

Ministers have mounted a “state takeover” of relationship and sex education in schools that denies parents a choice, according to the organiser of a 106,000-strong petition calling for parents to have an automatic right to opt out of the lessons. -Telegraph

The Telegraph released a news report yesterday to do with ministers and parents protesting over opting their children out of sex education lessons, in my opinion I think this is laughable. I am not a parent so I can’t judge on their decision and what they think is morally right but not allowing your child to receive the education to do with sexual relationships, menstrual health, LGBT education etc is to me outrageous.

On to LGBT+ sex education. IT NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED IN ALL SCHOOLS. We are out there, whether we are in the closet or not. The more we talk about it, the more likely children are going to realise that it’s normal, when teachers only mention heterosexual relationships how is that going to affect the ones who aren’t. The LGBT community aren’t born with a manual of all the ins and outs of sexual relationships, if it’s talked about it doesn’t only allow them to be more confident and learn about themselves but it allows others to understand what LGBT is and for them to come to terms with it and consider it as normal and not strange. To all teachers and parents out there, DO NOT HIDE YOUR KIDS AWAY FROM LGBT. Don’t teach them that it’s wrong, teach them that they can be anything they want to be and that you will love them no matter what.

Hopefully we can continue taking the right steps forward in terms of sex education, the more we learn the less future generations have to miss out on what’s important.


  1. Such an important topic, great to see it being talked about! ☺️ I’ve switched instagrams hence my lack of replies, keep meaning to log back in and tell you! I’m at Ehx0x0 now x

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