Being successful has a different perspective to everyone, we don’t all become successful at the same time of our lives or at the same things. Some people may find they’ve become successful when passing an exam or when they have demolished a huge slice of cake, we may look at things that others think is a success but to us it’s something we find easy or an every day routine.

I’ll admit I never cared about achieving anything in school, I was wrapped up in messing teachers about and having a good time with friends that my mindset wasn’t on getting A* grades or joining numerous school clubs to be apart of a team. My immaturity throughout school wasn’t something I am proud of now, I can’t go back and change time so that I work hard to get the grades which I think reflect my ability in certain subjects. What I can do is make sure I am driven to reach the goals I’ve set for myself, whether that be getting an apprenticeship within an industry that I want to have a career in or passing my driving test. I will get there.

Success is a beautiful thing, don’t compare your successes to someone else’s. Yours is just as admirable and you should be gratified with yourself.

All the love, L x

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