life is looking up

After so many years of struggling with mental health, feeling trapped and unwelcome in my own mind. I’m finally at peace with myself.

I could break down at how happy I am, I’m free. Even the odd bad days, I pick myself back up and make my mark on this world. You didn’t win, you’ll never win.

3 years later.. 3 years of being under your spell. I’ve got my life back. I’m me again. I’ll always have anxiety and emetophobia but they don’t control me anymore, they don’t even invade my thoughts.

at long last, I’m so proud of myself.

L x

5 thoughts on “life is looking up

      1. Lauren You are a ‘Blessing’ Darling. God knows Your Heart and through all adversity He will bring You through it. May he continue to Bless You and help You through your Times of Need. So happy for You Darling. Sorry Iv not been in Your life but I follow you and pray for You. May You continue through Your life’s journey experiencing challenges with the knowledge that No matter what when You ask God for Strength and Guidance he will honour and bless You in abundance. God Bless You darling. Lots of Love Auntie Gill xxxx

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