struggling with body confidence

I’ve never been the sort person who was happy about their body, I always looked at friends or people on social media and compared myself. I would get into my head how much I wanted to be like them, constantly putting myself down because I didn’t have a flat stomach or a thigh gap.

Over the last couple of years I put on a bit of weight since school, no longer as active I used to be and my diet deteriorated. I was eating more fatty and sugary foods, I got into a relationship and because I was so happy it would be take outs and not proper meals.

At the start of the year I looked in the mirror and saw how much weight I had put on, I was just over 10 stone which may not be a lot to some people but considering my height it wasn’t the best. I tried to love my body but the only way I knew I could was if I focused on sorting out the flaws that I saw right in front of me.

With purely cutting down calories in my diet and making sure I eat clean foods, I’ve seen a dramatic change in my body and how much I weigh. I haven’t followed a diet plan, I’ve just eaten healthily and made sure my calorie intake was less than what I was burning.

My goal now that I’ve lost 10 pounds is to start going to the gym more often to be able to get to my ideal weight as your diet isn’t all that contributes. Although I’m not where I want to be, I don’t look in the mirror the same way I used to. I feel healthier and lighter on my feet.

Are you confident with your body and within yourself?

Much Love, L x

2 thoughts on “struggling with body confidence

  1. Glad to hear you’re making some positive changes! ☺️ I put on a lot of weight when I first met my boyfriend and then we went through a year or so of eating our body weight in cheese. Thankfully we now look back on it and laugh but I’m ashamed of how I looked back then!


    1. I was fed up with how I was feeling! I thought it would be good to sort myself out and it’s really improved my mental health and how I am physically. We lived on McDonald’s and Nando’s hahah, not the best mix. Although great food.

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