new job, new chapter

Over the past few months I’ve constantly been improving myself, if you’ve read my previous blogs you’ll see that I started off with so much anxiety and although it’s not curable and it never just goes completely. I’ve got it under control, and I no longer let it hold me back from reaching my potential.

Last Friday I attended an interview for a job which would kickstart my career, I was petrified and the whole journey there all I had in my mind was if I didn’t land this that the disappointment I’d have for myself would be indescribable. Worst thing to do is to walk into an interview looking nervous, so with my head held high and a huge smile on my face (don’t know how I managed to do it when I thought I was going to physically shit myself) I walked through the double doors.

Throughout the interview, I couldn’t help but feel so at ease with myself. Confidently answering questions without any hesitation, I guess when you want something bad enough you forget all about the nerves you walked in with. They got left at the door. I received great feedback about the interview, but I was dreading having to wait until Tuesday to find out if I was successful (impatient, I know).

Tuesday dragged along and I then got the call I’d be waiting for, all weekend I’d been telling myself that there’s no chance I got it and to not get my hopes up but there I was, getting my hopes up. The happiness that shot through my body when I heard the words “Good news, you got the job”, I was internally screaming swear words because of how relieved I was that I landed a job that could mean growth and the start of something brilliant for me.

I start this Monday coming, nerve-racking but my excitement overrides that.

Here’s to growth and personal development🥂

L x

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