Bath Christmas Market

Considering I’ve not been so regular with my blog uploads due to work and university commitments, I haven’t had the time to write about my first EVER time at a Christmas Market.

A few weeks back my family and I planned a day out in Bath to visit their Christmas Market, I’ve never experienced something quite like it so I didn’t know what to expect. We caught the train quite early so we’d have enough time to spend the whole day there, I was incredibly excited and despite the weather being a bit too cold for my liking I managed to push that to one side which didn’t last long as when we arrived in Bath I found the nearest shop with gloves and invested in a pair. To be honest, a bit silly of me to have not got some sooner seen as we are in winter and my hands don’t enjoy the lower temperatures. After spending the best part of half an hour in Urban Outfitters we then made our way through Bath town.

We had booked glass blowing to make some handmade baubles, by the time we got to the market it was time to queue up and wait our turn. Only three of us had decided to do it and considering Bryoni couldn’t come I told her I’d make us one for me to bring home, after anxiously watching over members of the public do it I was amazed how the process made something so delicate at the end. It was a rather strange experience but one I’ll never forget.

We then spent the next couple of hours looking at all the individual stalls, they were filled with the most creative pieces. I didn’t manage to find anything I personally needed or wanted, but it was still joyous to look at everything around us. Then came the tricky part to find somewhere to eat, we spent a while walking round to find a decent enough place to sit down and have a nice lunch (we were idiotic enough to not have booked in advance). I did come across some eye pleasing scenery on our adventures though, oh and enjoy a picture of Jess and my nan before we rejected at a restaurant.

Eventually we found somewhere to eat, admittedly wasn’t the best place but at least we know for next time we decide to trek to Bath. We then stayed until dark, this is then when all the pretty lights were on and the festivity settled in, apart from the crowds of people we were all still able to take in the moment.

After a missed train journey and over an hour spent in the waiting area, we finally arrived back to Newbury and even after all the hassle with the trains we still made the journey worthwhile!