An adjustment into adult life..

I want to start this blog by addressing the current situation that our world is facing in this moment of time, I hope you are all staying safe and keeping yourself inside to reduce the spread of this dreaded virus. I can only pray that we are able to get it under control and can resume normality.

It has been near enough four months since moving out of my family home and into a flat that I now get to call ‘home’, at first it is a vast amount of excitement knowing that you have free reign of your own home and are able to be independent but the whole change has come with a lot of stress and anxiety due to taking on a lot of responsibilities.

A constant stress of things to remember, when certain bills need to be paid, ensuring that the flat is kept tidy and suddenly realising that you can no longer ‘splash the cash’. I don’t regret the change, if anything it’s helped me become more aware on the importance of these responsibilities. It’s allowed me to mature as a human being, and gain this new found independence that I didn’t have when I was living under my parents roof.

The anxiety side of these responsibilities stems from my own worries, I don’t really have anything to be anxious about but in my head I’m overly careful financially and even though I know I’m able to pay my bills comfortably, there’s always this part of me that thinks I can’t. I’ve also realised how anxious I get about letting people in the flat, it makes me uncomfortable in case they ruin anything or make a mess and if I clean one thing I then get carried away and end up doing things that don’t even need cleaning. This for me is something I’ve never experienced, perhaps its knowing that this place is mine and it’s my safe space and the thought of someone ruining that makes me extremely stressed.

On the plus side, I was able to welcome into my home two special boys. I’d never had house pets as a child and I can now say I’m responsible for two beautiful cats that have made me just a tiny bit obsessed. I don’t want to turn into a cat lady but I know for certain that I definitely have, oops.

I don’t think I’ll ever stop adjusting into adult life, there are always going to be new challenges that I’ve not experienced. For now I’m in a good place, and although it comes with a downside sometimes I know that I’m extremely lucky to have such a great opportunity to be able to make a life for myself.

Are there any recent adjustments that you’ve had to make recently? If so, how has it affected you mentally?

Love you all

L x

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