The importance of staying productive during the pandemic

I’m aware that people have been self isolating even before the lockdown was put in place, I’ve only been doing these for three days and it’s driving me crazy. Undoubtedly this pandemic has caused mental health problems to rise drastically, I know mine have.

During this hard time as a nation, especially throughout the lockdown it’s so important for us to stay productive and not allow staring at the same four walls to swallow us up whole.

Make sure you’re taking care of your mental health, and you can do so by doing some of these productive tasks and keeping your mind busy.

Do your one exercise a day – The government is allowing us to leave the house once a day for exercise, TAKE IT. Even if you don’t want to run or ride a bike, go on a long walk and take in the fresh air and your surroundings. Having a walk is the one thing I look forward to, it’s an escape from being trapped in the house and feeling the unexpected sun on your skin. Definitely a mental health cleanser.

As clique as it sounds, read a book – If the circumstances right now are making you anxious, then the best way to distract yourself from what is going on outside your front door is by allowing your mind to be overridden with fantasy. I’ve currently been reading To Kill a Mockingbird, it’s not only been a great way for my mind to be taken off reality but it’s helpful to grow your vocabulary.

Finger painting on your recycled cardboard – Since children are also stuck indoors, this means you can get them involved also. By sparking up the creative side of your brain, it can be extremely therapeutic and a bonus is that it will keep children occupied. If you don’t have any paint, you can use felt tips or colourful tissue paper.

Find an online course – When my mental health was the worst it’s been, I used to search up free online courses to do with a subject or hobby that I was interested in and doing this always made me feel productive because I was retaining knowledge and bettering myself. Use your time wisely, it’s an opportunity for you to teach yourself something new, you can even watch YouTube videos on how to achieve practical skills. Remember, productivity is essential.

You better get started on that spring cleaning – What better time than now? I’m sure most of you have house tasks that you’ve needed to complete for a while, well now is your chance to deep clean your home. Turn the radio up (not too loud, you don’t want to annoy the neighbours), and crack on with it.

Most importantly, stop checking what the media are saying. I’m the biggest culprit of this, use this time as detox away from your phone and social media. Eat healthily and don’t allow yourself to fall back into bad habits with food, I know it’s difficult at the moment due to panic buying and food shortages to find certain foods but resulting in junk food isn’t healthy for the brain. Have long hot baths and showers, take care of yourself and most importantly stay inside as much as you can. Your physical health is as important as your mental health, the sooner we follow government guidelines, the sooner the world can revert back to normality and we can have our freedom back.

Stay safe, L x

2 thoughts on “The importance of staying productive during the pandemic

  1. My beautiful granddaughter you have become so wise. We are all missing our families, friends and colleagues if we are all sensible and safe home we can soon be able to hug and laugh together again! I love you so much and miss you xxx

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