Are you ready to exude compassion?

Today I’m trying to exude compassion. But instead of experiencing real life, I’m bombarding everyone with my spiritual practice. I’m not a bad person, I just need faith in humanity. Looking for people who know how to create a sense of community with me. My work this month is to understand the difference between naive […]

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The Mind Charity

I have signed up to take part in The Mind Walk for Mind, the mental health charity and I need your help. I’m walking proudly through central London so that all of us affected by mental health problems are seen and heard, and I’m fundraising so no one has to face a mental health problem […]

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drifting sunshine

You were the sun that healed me when I couldn’t rise. The pain in your eyes when I told you that the sun turned to stone. My heart hurts. But it hurts more watching our love turn to hate and our affection result in back turns. You were the sun that brightened my day. Now […]

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communication is an illusion

I observe people too much, the way they talk about the person they love or the deadly silence that has come over them. Silence is such a beautiful sound, the noise planted inside your mind. All these thoughts rushing through heads, and the beauty of it all is that no one else is able to […]

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turning nineteen

Twelve days from today will be my nineteenth birthday, I remember how excited I was to turn eighteen only to then realise how much more responsibility you’re given. I definitely was not prepared, it doesn’t even feel a year since I became legal to do all the stuff I already did before. The only change […]

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With sex education being compulsory in all schools in England since 2017, does it not make you wonder whats taken them so long to put this in place? I left school in 2016, a year after it was made compulsory. So children all around England who were my age or older went through 4 years […]