Are you ready to exude compassion?

Today I’m trying to exude compassion. But instead of experiencing real life, I’m bombarding everyone with my spiritual practice. I’m not a bad person, I just need faith in humanity. Looking for people who know how to create a sense of community with me. My work this month is to understand the difference between naive […]

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26th September 2020

Power My gut instincts are in a stable flow. Direct emotional energy towards my pleasure. Not all pleasure is of the flesh. It’s been difficult for me to pay attention to things other than my romantic or creative life. I’ve noticed frictionless movement in the fields of my natural talents. I’ve now started to concentrate […]

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Do your best, fuck the rest

You are conflating running away with freedom. Avoiding difficult feelings won’t help you, use your resilience to abandon extreme emotions instead. Practice noticing signs of boredom, find ways to unplug that and restore your strength. This is a big step, settle for all or nothing. What do you want to be known for? Allow things […]

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Write yourself a love note today.

Today I need to give people space. This isn’t the result of some magic concoction. It comes from the years I’ve spent learning how to deal with alienation. This month, I have to make a choice between belief in humanity and general misanthropy. I’m not my best self when I perform well-being. My main challenge […]

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