Are you ready to exude compassion?

Today I’m trying to exude compassion. But instead of experiencing real life, I’m bombarding everyone with my spiritual practice. I’m not a bad person, I just need faith in humanity. Looking for people who know how to create a sense of community with me. My work this month is to understand the difference between naive […]

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Write yourself a love note today.

Today I need to give people space. This isn’t the result of some magic concoction. It comes from the years I’ve spent learning how to deal with alienation. This month, I have to make a choice between belief in humanity and general misanthropy. I’m not my best self when I perform well-being. My main challenge […]

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know your worth

I feel the way you doubt yourself, I see it when you look at me with them glassy green eyes. The potential I see in you is masked by what you see in the mirror, holding yourself back from reaching for the stars. I hear the pain in your voice when you tell me you’re […]

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life is looking up

After so many years of struggling with mental health, feeling trapped and unwelcome in my own mind. I’m finally at peace with myself. I could break down at how happy I am, I’m free. Even the odd bad days, I pick myself back up and make my mark on this world. You didn’t win, you’ll […]

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After struggling with anxiety quite severely for the past 3 years, I’ve never really been able to cope with it and I always found ways to give me a temporary distraction or I’d run away from the situations that made me anxious. If I’m writing this then obviously that stuff DOES NOT work, I’ve learnt […]



Over the past three or so years this illness has been talked about more and more, whether thats on the news, social media or even in schools. People are now educating themselves on what affect it has on us, our mental health and also how it is affecting our social behaviours. Being anxious is normal, […]